Sonya Blesofsky

Current and Upcoming Projects

2019 NYSCA/NYFA Fellowship Recipient in Architecture/Environmental Structures/Design

Review of Sonya Blesofsky at Spencer Brownstone
Artforum May 2019
Review of "Sneaking into the Monument Lot from the Building on the Right" at Spencer Brownstone

Window Study: St. Göran's Gymnasium
Arkitekturens Grannar at the former Sankt Göran's Gymnasium
Opening Reception April 12 2019
Stockholm, Sweden

Recent Projects

Sneaking into the monument lot from the building on the right
Spencer Brownstone Gallery
December 13 2018 - February 24 2019

IASPIS Grant Holder
Swedish Arts Grants Committee's International Programme for Visual and Applied Artists
Stockholm, Sweden January - April 2019

Witness I & II
presented by The Remix
Satellite Art Show
December 6-9 2018
Miami FL

Window Study: 264 East 7th Street
Whitewashed lath, C-clamps, scraped paint, plaster, graphite, brads.
image: Etienne Frossard