Artwork > Study for Gair Boiler

Study for Gair Boiler uses 92 Plymouth’s architectural details and history as a boiler house as the point of departure. Made entirely of brown packaging paper, cardboard, packaging tape, and string, this piece mimics the industrial machines that would have been housed in the space at 92 Plymouth. The materials reference the building’s history as one of the numerous Gair Paper Co. buildings –warehouses that were used for manufacturing paper-packaging products –that made up a large portion of the industry on the Brooklyn Waterfront. With the chosen materials, I am also addressing the fragility of the history of the Brooklyn waterfront (DUMBO.) With the rate of redevelopment taking place in DUMBO, I am concerned that the histories of previous businesses, industries, and communities that shaped the area will be forgotten. With this project I intend to reference the architectural history of 92 Plymouth specifically, but also the Gair Paper Co.’s presence in DUMBO, as well as the other industries that created the DUMBO landscape that is evolving so rapidly. I also hope to bring to light a history that isn’t well known, and to raise questions related to memory, loss and temporality.